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Saint-Petersburg 5/2
Integration layer application developer

Your tasks will be:

  • Development of an integration layer applications for the eKassir banking software:
  • Development of client and server applications;
  • Assessment of time needed for tasks execution;
  • Bug fixing;
  • Refactoring of own code, as well as co-workers code;
  • Writing Unit-tests for your application;
  • Interaction with the QA-team;
  • Mastering new tools and technologies, and professional development is...
Saint-Petersburg 5/2
RBS system developer
Your tasks will be:

  • Development of the new remote banking platform (RBS)server part.


  • Skills for building the RESTful API and understanding of its work principles;
  • Good knowledge of WebApi 2;
  • Understanding of OWIN...
Saint-Petersburg 5/2
Front-End developer
Your tasks will be:

  • Development and support of the client code frontend online banking (web stack, HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS);
  • Customization of default layout and Internet bank frontend logic for a particular client requirements;
  • Development of SPA with a complex client logic...
Saint-Petersburg 5/2

From you:

  • Experience programming in Objective-C or Swift and development for iOS from the 1st year;
  • Knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms;
  • Understanding the basic principles of OOP and design patterns;
  • Knowledge of iOS SDK (UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics, CoreLocation, etc.), a common understanding of iOS architecture;
  • Knowledge of user interface design patterns for...
Saint-Petersburg 5/2
Full Stack Software Developer

It would be great if it is about you:

  • Introducing ASP.NET 5 and MVC6;
  • Broad horizons: if you speak Python, Ruby, F # - just fine, versed in RoR, Django, Spring.MVC - super;
  • Accounts on Habrahabr, StackOverflow, GitHub;
  • Experience automation using PowerShell;
  • Experience with Resharper, Git, Confluence;
  • Management experience and a deep understanding of the...


Feel free to contact HR-manager Anastasia Silanova
+7 (812) 600-4000 ext. 110

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